Why work with us

• You recognize the mismatch between existing approaches to oversight and governance of technology, the speed of innovation, and the breadth of new societal challenges AI and robotics pose.

• You recognize that issues must be fully and honestly vetted with input from all relevant stakeholders.

• You recognize that fostering beneficial innovation must be accompanied by agile means to mitigate harms and societal impacts, and that these means should not be unduly reliant on cumbersome inflexible regulatory regimes.

• You recognize the need for a good-faith broker, respected by all stakeholders, and perceived as free from influence or bias.

• You benefit by tapping into creative insights on how to improve outcomes and mitigate risks.

• You value your corporation being identified with an institution that will be transparent and ethical in its governance, financing, and in the processes through which it reaches decisions and makes recommendations.


Financial and structural support, as well as access to specialists that can be helpful in putting in place effective, legal, and credible national, regional, and international framework for future engagment to build BGI4AI


The funds can be distributed over three years and will be managed by the Hastings Center. No more than $150,000 a year from a single corporate donor will be applied to the budget of the project. No more than $50,000 a year from a single corporate donor will be applied to the budget of a national or regional site location.

A staff member will be made available to report yearly or as per the sponsor agreement on develoments, impact and results to the sponsoring corporation.


This project is a follow up on a Hastings Center project funded by The Future of Life Institute and titled, “Control and Responsible Innovation in the Development of Autonomous Systems.” With this previous grant The Hastings Center has been convening a series of silo-busting workshops bringing together leaders from many different fields concerned with the societal impact of AI and Robots, and these cover topics from imbuing systems with values in their design and decision making capabilities to the governance of AI.

To date, participants in these workshops include three present and former presidents of the AAAI; luminaries in engineering ethics, resilience engineering and machine ethics; and a Nobel Prize winner.